ABACUS helps to improve children's Brain & Skills development programs, ensuring whole brain development at a very young age. Generally, we are all either left brain dominated, or right brain dominated..

Abacus Program

The abacus is the oldest known arithmetic device. It consists of a wooden frame, rods and beads. Each bar represents a value at a different location, such as 1, 10, hundreds, thousands, etc. Each bead usually represents the number 1 or 5 and can be moved along the length of the bar. By pushing the beads along the counter thread, you can easily add or subtract. In short, it is a simple tool used to make fast and accurate calculations.

Benefits of our Abacus Program

The Ocean Brain offers the ultimate abacus training program that introduces a whole new concept in brain training by improving cognitive functions such as memory, focus and visualization. Our interactive modules cover all aspects of the brain that cover an entire child's learning cycle to help develop the right brain and general intelligence. There are many other benefits that can help you get better.

• Mental arithmetic ability and whole brain development
• DeepIncrease focus level
• Long memory retention
• Logical ability
• Effective observation skills
• Make math useful, practical and fun.
• Improves memory and strengthens the general mental formation
• Increases endurance against stress and pressure
• Effective listening and memory recovery ability
• Ability to handle all possible challenges in life
• The general development of the child
• Provides a solid educational foundation for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

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ABACUS - Details

Juniors Seniors
8 level Course
4 Level Course
3 Months each level
3 Months
24 Sessions
24 Sessions
2 sessions/week
2 sessions/week
1 hour/session
1 hour/session
Exam will be conducted after each level
Exam will be conducted after each level
Certificate will be issued after each level
Certificate will be issued after each level

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