Cursive Handwriting

Cursive handwriting training programs help children improve their writing skills. This course fosters and inspires children's passion and gives them the confidence to improve their handwriting. Our qualified teachers aim to have an enjoyable time with every child. Studies show that cursive handwriting activates parts of the brain.

Ocean Brain’s cursive handwriting course pattern is very well designed in this way, and kids find it very useful. We focus on combining learning with play to help children learn new things quickly and carefully. We provide appropriate guidance in the direction of your child's overall development.
Our cursive handwriting course aims to:

  • - Improve handwriting and its aesthetics
  • - Increase self-confidence
  • - Improve score
  • - Deepen your understanding of reading strategies

Children who practice cursive handwriting can significantly improve their reading and writing skills. Read about three specific benefits children get from learning cursive handwriting.

1. Your child can have better
Researchers have found that elementary school students who study cursive handwriting usually spell better for connections. This may be because children who write in cursive often understand how to combine letters to make words. This quick understanding leads to better language processing. This is an important factor in mastering spelling skills.

2. Your child will be able to remember the letters easily.
The cursive handwriting encourages children to visualize each letter as one word, making it easier for them to remember the letters they have formed and written.

3. Your child can be a good writer in general
Cursive Writing Kids can not only form simple words but also write better sentences. The researchers found that children who studied and wrote in cursive experienced an increase in skills related to drafting. This means that cursive writers have a good understanding of how words are organized and combined to create strong and complex sentences.

In Ocean Brain, your child participates in a variety of fun activities that are easy to learn and help with mental and physical development.

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Cursive Handwriting - Details

2 Level Course
3 Months
24 Sessions
2 sessions/week
1 hour/session
4-14 Years
Exam will be conducted after each level
Certificate will be issued after each level

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