Franchise Faq

We have programs namely Vedic maths, abacus , maths a magic , phonics , cursive handwriting, sharpen your brain , tables upto 99.


No previous training or work experience is required to start an Ocean Brain franchisee. The company will be well trained to manage the Ocean Brain Center. We also have careful software that facilitates day-to-day management. The company's support manager will guide you every month to improve your business

The greater your revenue efforts, the more it all depends on how you manage and operate your center. Each region may rely on local partners to realize its potential in the region of choice. It is advisable to take a local research test to understand what kind of income you will earn because the success of every business depends on two factors. • Possibility of the area planning to establish an enrichment center. • Your interests, time, and performance to build this business.

The income of our franchisees is never revealed, as they only earn their own profits from the business.

You must first fill out the franchise survey form. Our representatives will then contact you and contact you directly via Zoom or a personal meeting with you to elaborate on our services. Once you understand the program, we encourage you to visit our center and experience feedback from students and parents. When you are satisfied, you need to fill in the expression you are interested in fill in the booking amount on the order form. The booking amount will be sent to our team. You need to show us the location and region. Once approved, you can pay the technical knowledge fee.

It's as easy as showing interest in opening our positions. Once you've decided, we'll guide you through the process. It's simple and straightforward, from website/infrastructure/training choices to marketing plans, we work with you to make it easier for you to get into the business. Leave us your worries; we are there for you.

We have a very transparent process. The company charges a technical fee for the transfer of methods and the use of proprietary materials. The company also charges for teacher training. Student enrollment fees and royalties are paid to the company as a percentage of the actual collections made at the Enrichment Center. Apart from these, there is a very small fee to be paid if additional services described during training are used.

You will need an area of 750 square meters if you aim to offer one Ocean Brain course through your franchisee. If you want to offer multiple courses, the recommended size is about 1,000 square meters of carpet space. Investment is a choice and may vary from state to state. Please fill out the franchise survey form so that your representative can contact and discuss this option.

Advertising is the franchisee's responsibility, and it is their responsibility to make their enrichment center popular in their area. During peak admission season, the company can launch a joint advertising campaign on the general cost of franchisees. However, the company can promote the franchise enrichment center for free on its website and other online platforms.

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