Magic in Fingers

Math - A Magic is a method of doing arithmetic calculations like addition and subtraction with the help of fingers. It is also called finger calculation.

Maths-A-Magic Program

A unique math planning system is important to make learning math fun and interesting. Maths a Magic is one such program that uses fingers to make arithmetic calculations like addition and subtraction easy, quick, and fun.
Ocean Brain’s Math-a-Magic program is an adaptable digital math program designed for completion and results in the classroom. Our main goal is to provide a system that allows students to understand mathematics better and, at the same time, enjoy learning by participating in game-like activities.

We personalize each child's learning experience by motivating them to continue, develop and succeed. It is one of the fastest mathematical systems in the world, where students can solve totals for each. Accurate and even deliver fast and accurate results.

We turn math learning into a fun game.

Our curriculum is research-based and has a comprehensive description that makes students feel like they are playing a game. Each correct unit raises the score by one degree and is very stimulating for self-learning. Ocean Brain’s Maths-a-magic program serves the following benefits:

  • One of the fastest systems that allow students to do more sums each minute than any other system
  • Math magic tricks can test any math lesson and create wonder and curiosity about math.
  • Fast and accurate results
  • A self-motivated system that encourages fast learners and progressive students
  • Students can visit Concepts over and over to deepen their math learning.
  • The autopilot function intelligently adjusts the training content and difficulty according to the student's performance.
  • Difficult but manageable calculations to strengthen the concept

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Sub Juniors/Juniors/Seniors

3 Level Course
3 Months
24 Sessions
2 sessions/week
1 hour/session
3-14 Years
Exam will be conducted after each level
Certificate will be issued after each level

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