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The Abacus Education consists of 4 levels. Level 1 is the beginner level, and level 4 is the most complex.


The purpose of the Ocean Brain programs is to help children achieve comprehensive mental development. That is the ability to use both sides of the brain. Usually, we are all dominated by the left or right brain. We basically only use one side of the brain. Studies around the world on brain development show that people who can use both sides of their brain are smarter because they can make the most of their resources.

Systematic learning from Ocean Brain helps children improve their skills such as concentration, visual memory, and listening skills rather than improving their math skills. These skills help improve overall self-confidence, which is important in today's world. Your child may be good at math, but the above skills are essential for your child.

In the Ocean Brain, the figures are found in the form of pearls and not in the form of an abstract. This makes it easier for children to learn basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division through Abacus and Veda math programs. It also removes the fear of numbers and allows you to experiment math problems with greater confidence. Moreover, your child develops better concentration, visual memory, and listening skills. So, you can see big improvements for your child after each level.

Our method has been tested and used in many countries with excellent documented results. Our curriculum is based on international standards, developed, and refined in collaboration with world-renowned educational professionals. The content of the curriculum and all the educational materials, strategies, and techniques are very suitable for children.

100% yes! Ocean Brain students have more concentration and a stronger memory. They have a sharp increase in their ability to notice, comprehend and retain. As a result, they can get better results with less effort.
Especially when it comes to science, kids enjoy experimenting with the mind of the sea. No more hard work; it's just a smart job. Kids spend less time but give better results. They have a new self-confidence and belief system that helps them define their leaders! All this helps in improving the overall academic performance of your kid.

Kids' fun is our number one priority! Everything that has an element of fun and learning is popular with children. The Ocean Brain has many aspects to racing and is completely kid-friendly. Our kids are very focused on attending all classes without failing. They really love Ocean Brain, and we love them!

Ocean Brain is a high-quality program, and you will be amazed at the gradual changes as your child exercises for 15 minutes each day. Daily practice is necessary to see the desired improvement. You can notice a noticeable change in your child at 3-6 months; that is when he completes the levels. However, careful parents may see improvements that are subtle but very valuable for a long time.

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