Harsha ( Teacher ) is student friendly, have in-depth knowledge and exposure to deal with Student learning requirements. She is reliable, trustworthy and highly recommended for online and offline classes. My daughter is happy and she is slowly gearing up in the skill sets of Vedic maths learning..!


Thank you so much and specially thanks to Mam Harsha. Appreciate your support during my child class . Once again thank you Mam Harsha.


Very proud! Thank you for your effort and good teaching

Archana Jawahar

I liked the way she teaches my son .. he really enjoys the class .. he completed Vedic junior level 1 and 2 with good marks... he implements the Vedic methods in his school math’s as well so that he completes the homework very fast ...

Nidhi - Parents

My daughter is going to Ocean Brain from last 1.5years and I have seen quite an improvement in her maths calculation whether daily use of mathematical operations or in her schoolwork. Even her maths teacher has also told she saw quite an improvement in her.

Thanks to Miss. Harsha Bhatia for her good work with all kids. Keep growing.

Mahir - Parents

I am a proud parent of Mahir who had completed Smart Program - Vedic Maths from The Ocean Brain. Whenever I solve mathematical problems with my son, I remember and thank Harsh Mam for making him overcome his maths phobia and enhoy solving problems. I'm really proud of my son and will definitely stay connected for more courses from The Ocean Brain. Thank you once again.


Harsha Mam is amazing. My daughter is 4 years old and I could not imagine that she can learn abacus. Today she cleared level 1 with 100% score.

Pradeep Kumar - Parents

It's awesome and excellent learning experience with Ocean Brain Abscus Course. Liked their traning environment, best teaching and learning facility, good materials, very good experienced trainers Miss Harsha. i m so thankful to you for making my child a great Achiever.


With the oldest known arithmetic device, my child have the ultimate connection. He finds calculations joyful and easy with Abacus and enjoy solving mental arithmetic problems with his new tool for maths. I'm glad he is improving his cognitive function with the Abacus program of The Ocean Brain. Thank you for developing my child's logical and mental ability to a good extend.


Great learning experience for my child. Thank you The Ocean Brain for making my child's learning process in a joyful way. His Abacus learning process has not only enhanced his logical ability but also blessed him with magical speed calculations, Improves concentration & listening skills & also Increase the confidence level too.

Harsh - Parents

Thanku you "The Ocean Brain" for developing the Skills to easy memories & mental maths in my child. With these simple and easy tips, my child is able to improve his learning skills in a fun and fast-paced way. Really grateful and happy with this program.

Gurneesh - Parents

Our experience at OceanBrain has been excellent. They are very professional and my child is too happy to attend the classes. Teacher Harsh Bhatia is hard working and patiently deals with children. She makes them learn new things with ease in a friendly and fun filled atmosphere. Overall approach to make children learn and understand topics is very good and engaging.

Komal - Parents

Thank you 'The Ocean Brain' for making my child excel in solving basic arithmetic calculations like addition and substraction with the help of fingers. Now, she has started enjoying these calculations and feel it is like a game. Once again thank you for motivating her to develop and succeed in such a positive way.


This writing class has made a huge difference. We bought workbooks and had him practicing everyday but could not see and improvement. We even tried sending him to expensive physical therapy sessions but of classes we are already seeing a big difference. Thank you for the great program and great work you.


Thank you so much Harsh Mam for your support and help in improving my mental math skills. This will help in doing multiplication faster than conventional method. Thank you for your innovative ways of teaching and guidance.

Anjana - Parents

As my child was frightened with numbers and calculations, I was afraid for his future. I am glad to visit The Ocean Brain who made my child enjoy the problem solving to my child's upgraded and joyful learning. He can solve difficult problems without using pen and paper. Thank you The Ocean Brain.

Kapil Parents

Thank you The Ocean Brain" for helping our child to learn amazing skill and master in Words and Sounds. With proper care and personal attention, he is able to hear sounds and read and write words in magical speed. Once again thank you for improving reading comphrehension and make him feel comfortable with difficult English word.